4 Common Acts Of Animal Cruelty

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Most of us have heard the term “animal cruelty”, but a lot of people do not fully understand what it is, especially since the definition of animal cruelty may vary. For instance, an animal activist’s definition may be different from that of a hunter or farmer. Additionally, the legal definition may also vary by state.

Every state has different laws which forbids cruelty to animals. The main objective of these laws is to prevent violence against creatures big and small by imposing penalties and prison time.

If you want to know what actions and behaviors constitute cruelty towards animals, you need to read on. These acts will not only land a person in jail with additional fines and penalties, but they can also endanger the lives of the animals involved.


Neglect is the owner’s failure to provide the basic necessities and care that is due to the animals. Failure to provide water, food, shelter, and veterinary care can be deemed as cruelty against animals. Some of the most common examples of neglect may comprise of:

  • Starvation
  • Dehydration
  • Parasite Infestation
  • Failure to seek vet care
  • Failing to change the collar as the animal grows
  • Confinement without light, proper ventilation, and enough space

Neglect is considered as a lesser felony of animal cruelty. As an owner, you have duties and responsibilities which you need to fulfill. Failure to do so might lead to severe consequences and legal ramifications.

Intentional Cruelty

The brutality of intentional cruelty against animals is even more disturbing than the owner’s neglect and indifference. This act involves deliberately harming the animals physically, or inflicting injury towards them. The act may also involve beating, maiming, stabbing or poisoning any mammal.

However, if a person has been accused of intentionally hurting or injuring an animal, it can be a very challenging case since it is hard to prove. Witnesses may choose not to testify due to threats, or there were no eyewitnesses at all.

Animal Hoarding

This is another unique case of animal cruelty. A hoarder is someone who collects large numbers of animals. Hoarders usually start collecting stray dogs or cats with the best intentions; unfortunately, they are unable to control their impulsions. They want to save these creatures, but they are unable to see the reality that they incapable of caring for all the animals they have. Animal hoarding will then lead to neglect, because the truth is, hoarders cannot care for all the animals they have in their home. As a result, the animals will live in their own filth and in a very crowded space. Additionally, they will be unable to eat or drink properly.

Hoarding is a mental disorder; thus, it is essential for the hoarder to seek mental health treatment. If they continue with this kind of behavior, they will get in trouble with the law. There are a number of judges who are hesitant to order a psychiatric treatment but they might agree to it in a plea agreement during trial.

Animal Fights

The inhumane act of allowing dogs or other creatures to fight against each other for the entertainment of blood thirsty spectators is an act of animal cruelty. In fact, every year, there are thousands of young and healthy greyhounds which are killed because they do not have the fighting potential required, or they are no longer competitive.

Thankfully today, there are now laws that criminalize the elements and components of animal fights. In doing so, they can shut down the heart of an animal fighting ring and act upon it.

The animals who have been subjected to this kind of torture must be provided with all the help they need. If you find any signs or evidence of animal cruelty, call a local animal control department right away. Participate in the fight against animal cruelty for the sake of the animals.

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