Why Owls Are Amazing

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Why owls are amazing

Three things I love about owls, and you should too!

I’d say that the owl was probably my favourite bird. I know there’s a lot of love out there for parrots and eagles, some people like flamingoes, but the owl is the coolest bird by far in my eyes. There’s a certain Britishness about them that I really like, and even though they are beautiful creatures, they are also a bit scary too. Mysterious even.
If you don’t know anything about these amazing birds, then you’re about to, as I’m going to hit you with a bit of owl related realness. I just hope you can handle what myself and my fine-feathered friends are throwing down!
Watch Their Spit
When an owl spits something out of its mouth, it’s very rarely clearing it’s throat! It’s actually a pellet made up of waste from their prey! Owls eat mice, squirrels, rabbits and other small animals, but because they don’t have any teeth, they have to swallow them whole! Obviously, they don’t eat rabbits whole (that would be weird!), but cut them up into pieces with their razor sharp claws and a beak. They then regurgitate what they can’t digest, such as the fur and bones, and turn them into a pellet that they spit out as waste, so watch out!
Silence is Golden
Over the years, many different species of owls have managed to master the art of flying in almost total silence. Not only are the leading edges of their primary feathers stiff to reduce noise, their trailing edge has soft fringes to reduce turbulence. This of course helps them to hunt there pray in close to silence. They didn’t even see, let alone HEAR, what was coming! Whoosh, gone.
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
The owl is very famous for its piercing yellow eyes that look like they could put you in a trance if you stared too long. But did you know, that the owl’s eyes are fixed in their sockets? This means to be able to look around, they have to move their whole head to be able to check out what’s going on, and have a 270 degree field of view. They also binocular vision, which means when they do see something, the can REALLY see it!
One of the forest’s most deadly predators, the owl is the coolest bird on the planet in my opinion. Even you must think that now you know a little bit more about them!

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