There is plenty more fish in the sea…or is there?

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As we all know, campaigners have been travelling hither and dither to ensure that we look after our planet for future generations to enjoy. Unfortunately, us as humans are progressively failing to understand the extremity of the situation – the o-zone layer depleting, the amount of CO2 we eject from our cars and 12-tonne buses and of course the one thing that surrounds about 80% of our planet Earth – the ocean.

The Deep Blue

The ocean has been a place of sanctity for families and children everywhere, due to the simple fact that splashing water is a guilty pleasure for most people. The whole experience of realising that underneath our feet in the deep blue sea are some of the most spectacular creatures known to man and oceanographers have been studying them for decades. They, being the specialists, are the people who know the most about the danger of contaminating the ocean with harsh chemicals and waste disposal at our discretion and they are right. Sea creatures are dying from the toxins and poisons that are being drained into what are basically their homes because of our need to continue our survival, but at the expense of the sea life. This means that if there is no sea life, there are no fishes as pets.

Hanging with My Pals

Fish have got to be the simplest yet most delicate pets to look after. A routine feed of fish food on your return from work/college and stick a plastic castle in the bottom and they are set for life. Fish however, do rely on companions and do thrive on company, so it is best if you have a bunch. Now, some fish owners have one in a bowl, some others have several in a tank. Or, you can go to the extreme and a have your very own fish pond.

Garden Friends

A fish pond is a beautiful addition to any garden, to spruce up the atmosphere in the summer. Fish ponds are useful for accommodating larger fish and even the process of breeding them, and add that piece of nature to a sanctuary of peace and tranquillity. However, like you would with a bowl or a tank, fish need to be treated essentially like humans. We as humans would not like to be neglected of necessities like food and water so neither should a fish, or any animal for that matter. A comfortable, spacious bowl or tank is the basic need for a fish, along with a regular supply of food. But, similar to humans, do not overfeed! When overfed, fish can become ill and eventually perish. Also, be sure to change the tank often to ensure a clean environment for fish to live in, because it is the least they deserve! Make sure that the tank/bowl you purchase has had no previous fish in there, as bacteria can still be left on/inside the bowl and could cause harm. The best way to avoid this is to simply buy a brand new tank – it is more expensive but it is also the safest option.

Put the Fish Outside

If you do decide to have an outdoor pond, be sure that the water is changed regularly and that there are no harmful objects/liquids that could injure the fishes and surrounding insects and bugs that interact with the pond. Also, if you live in a country/area that has regular rainfall, it is proven that rainwater is the cleanest type of water for your fish, so your pond will be cleansed at the expense of the clouds that are sitting above you.

Taking everything into account, these campaigners have a point. If you wish to possess a fish in the future, then looking after the ocean and Earth as a whole is vitally important.

To make sure that your pond and your fish are safe and happy, be sure to look at the several different types of pond accessories to suit your pond such as butyl rubber pond liners, to ensure that your scaly friends are kept happy and safe in their beautiful environment. Remember, a healthy fish is a happy fish.

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