Leaf-peepers should visit Nature Center

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Fall is a spectacular time in many parts of the United States. The forests burst with yellows, reds and oranges and delight both young and old.

The changing of the leaves is a popular subject for both nature photographers and nature filmmakers alike. Warm days and cool nights make getting out and enjoying the colors an enjoyable experieince.

Many states have fall color hot lines that you can call to find out which areas will reach their peak color intensity. You can also find this information on the Internet as well.

Fall color provides nature filmmakers with great footage

Leaf-peepers should visit Nature Center

“Nice fall foliage on the front page of the Tuesday issue (”Fall foliage primed to put on a colorful show”). However, you need to add at least one place to your list of leaf-peeping sites: The Huston-Brumbaugh Nature Center, which is south of Alliance …”



Whether you’re a photographer, filmmaker or just love nature, you owe it to yourself to get out and see the changing colors of the leaves before they are gone.

Depending on the temperature, amount of rain and a few other factors dictate how much color we’ll see and how long it will last.

With most of the US having record heat and long spells without rain, this year is going to be harder to find large swaths of beautiful fall color. Areas near rivers and lakes will probably have the best color this year.

As long as the winds aren’t to strong and the temperatures don’t drop too far the leaves will provide a great show for us if we’re willing to get out and see it!

If you go out to film leaves in fall, a polarizing filter can help cut the reflections off the leaves. Cloudy, overcast days can also provide better footage as it allows the colors to appear more saturated. Closeups of the leaf structure as well as the vibrant color can also make for stunning nature footage or photographs.

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